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paul macfarlane




Stuart MacFarlane

Board Director NOMAD Foods

Board Director JDE Peets 

Principal Owner Buzbees Beverages

Former President Anheuser-Busch/In-Bev Europe

     Paul is firstly a great guy to work with.

     Paul has a great balance between his two x-factors; People & Idea/Brand Creativity.

He understands the Power of People, both listening & leading conversations effectively with unquestionable personal values.
    Paul creates lasting legacies of Creativity; blending an awesome understanding of Brands with genius idea generation. His persistence & determination mean that he always delivers what he promises.

Matthew Owens

Vice President Marketing & Customer Experience at Twigby
Former Vice President Marketing First Cellular

    Of all the “vendor” relationships I had during my time at First Cellular, Paul's would be the most cherished. As a marketer, you have a social responsibility to be genuine, kind, and compassionate.I have the highest level of respect for Paul and everything his agency represents, stands for and delivers.
    I’ve worked with many vendors in my career. With that, Paul is truly the only business partner that I have been blessed to work with. Every vendor pitches partnership – but Paul didn’t…it just happened. He will not only deliver the results needed - but help arm your company for future “healthy” growth. I would recommend Paul without any reservations.
I hope you have the opportunity to work with and know him.

    Thanks Paul - for opening my eyes - we can all be world changers in some way.



Kenneth W. Mihill Jr.

Outdoor Advertising Consultant

I have known Paul for over 30 years and worked with him when he has been the creative director of agencies where my accounts were located. I have always had a passion for creative in any media and Paul has always been my idol in terms of being a “creative savant.” His creative product has always been above and beyond anything I have ever received from other creative directors. He is in a league of his own and knowing he was in charge of one
of my accounts meant it would be a major hit. Due to my job change I do not get to work with Paul as much as I did, but when I lead a presentation on creative his work is always the first presented.


G. Robert (Bob) Bishop, CPC

Executive Recruiter (Marketing, Digital Media, Advertising. Talent Acquisition Strategy )

    I’ve known Paul for over 20 years. We’ve worked together, collaborated and sought each other’s advice when necessary.

    I believe Paul to be one of the smartest, most insightful, creative, driven and passionate creatives I’ve ever known. He is unafraid to forge a new path, he despises the typical and conventional. He can look at a problem, do the research and deliver thinking and strategic insight that will not be found elsewhere. He’s incredibly diverse and knowledgeable about a huge range of subjects and is always working to learn more. He is a warm, open and caring human being.
    On top of it all, he’s a superb musician and without question, the world’s greatest Led Zeppelin fan!  


Rob Hutti

Associate Creative Director at metajive

    Aside from being a free spirited thinker and a machine of inspiration and leadership, Paul MacFarlane is one the most strategically creative minds I have ever met.
He has an encyclopedic knowledge of many things including Led Zeppelin, global revolutionary history and environmentally responsible living. But at the upper crust of his knowledge is advertising, marketing and design. He approaches every project with experience and passion, and truly believes in the products, companies or associations he takes on.
    At the very least, meeting Paul is worth the experience simply because of the man he is.
He is a force of energy, kindness and intelligence that you most definitely don’t see every day.




Humbly, when it comes to testimonials and recommendations,
I admit I have an embarrassment of riches. Read more if you wish here.












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